Wednesday, May 21, 2008

change house~~

i change home ade.. wee.. yea i change to wordpress.. maybe i jz got bored wit blogger.. hehe.. i noe i noe blogger can do more things den wordpress bt wat 2 do i jz got hocked wit wordpress ade.. so hav 2 say goodbye 2 blogger ade lo.. tata.. :P

so here's my new link..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Great Escape by SBK production

quite a crazy clip... keke... :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Monday, February 11, 2008


我发现我最近的情绪起伏不定, 我在众人面前可以扮的若无其事的笑,可当夜晚降临,我一个人孤单寂寞的看着电脑时,那股很强烈的伤感就会直冲到我脑海里。一直以来都有一双耳朵听着我诉说,有一对宽厚的肩膀给我依赖着,可现在这一切都离我千调之远,摸也摸不着,再也抓不住了。我常常问自己,我有必要让自己扮得那么坚强不可吗?我的坚强指数虽然有百分之百,可它真的会有消耗的一天。哪天,我连可以让我强颜欢笑的理由都找不到时,我可真的会崩溃!老天爷,我求求你,帮帮我,找个地方给我休息,好吗?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

supper table

de pic above r all de plates eaten by 4 gals on a supper table... cant believe it... hehe... me too... bt wait until u noe who r those 4 gals i think u'll understand ade 1 lo... hehe... :P:P:P

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new year resolution


  • finish de whole bible in a year
  • bring 1 soul in de kingdom of God
  • follow-up my little sheepy
  • devotion and meditate on God's word
  • make a weekly prayer list
  • control my anger
  • be more obedient
  • be considerate
  • not easily to get tension
  • be more respectful to leader
  • lose weight (focus : 50kg, 27inch waist)
  • do all de weekly house cleaning roaster
  • finish 2 spiritual book in a year
  • take care of my health
  • wise financial management

1st break1st breakthrough in de year of 2008

1st breakthrough in de year of 2008…ice skating...wee…yup yup…I never went ice skating be4…like so wat…penang got ice skating ring meh…its only a year leh I’ve been staying in cyber…so still consider ok la… :P:P

It’s a 1st time cg outing go 4 ice skating also lo…n all of us r 1st timer too…at 1st I tot ice skating is easy case…bt jz only wen I wanna take my 1st step in de ring I fell down ade…*dun laugh pls* it is very…how u call it…slippery I think…I cant even balance myself leh not 2 say start moving forward…

After sum time I started 2 catch de trick on how 2 skate…its really kinda enjoyable wen u start 2 noe how 2 skate…bt still….there’s a few times…I mean timesssssss tat I off balance n fell la…n in de end (congrate me 1st) I won de wettest butt campion of all time… wee… :P:P hey dun laugh okey…if u dun fall u dun learn…I still get 2 learn new stuff ya know…

So now ppl learn sumting new…ice skating is never an ease case weh!!!

*will upload on sum photo as soon as i get my hand on them*

cheers ppl~~~ :D:D